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Protect Your Ride For Best Resale Value

Protect your ride for best resale value so when you sell it you can get top dollar for it. Read these simple how to keep your car in great condition tips.

This summer doesn’t have to be a scorcher – for your health or your car’s resale value. It’s hard enough keeping the sand and dogs off your leather seats, let alone remembering to wear sunscreen during those afternoon cruises. And while you might not hear praise for all of that hard work, it’s important to keep maintaining your car’s appearance – and protecting your health – top of mind during the peak car buying and selling season.

“It’s important to keep your car or truck in top physical condition,” says Jack Nerad, executive editorial director of Kelley Blue Book and “Late summer to mid fall is peak car-buying season, and those planning to purchase a used vehicle will look at everything from the state of the fabrics to sun damage to the condition of the paint. The sun can cause more damage than even the wind or rain.”
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The Perfect Winter Car Emergency Kit

Cold weather driving safety starts with the perfect winter emergency kit and any of us who have been stuck out in the cold knows how true a statement that is. Find out what to put in your perfect winter car emergency kit.

One of the easiest things to help prepare for winter driving is to create a winter emergency kit and store it in your vehicle. It’s always a good idea to be prepared in case of emergencies, big or small. While you don’t have to keep an entire garage in your vehicle, it’s smart to keep the basics on hand in case something should happen.

Put together the most complete emergency kit possible. From battery jumper cables to a properly inflated spare tire, below are a few additional thoughts to keep in mind when packing your winter emergency kit.


The easiest way to get help is to call for assistance. Whether that is your local police station, a tow truck or your friends/family. Make sure someone knows where you are and the situation.

• Cell phone

• Cell phone charger

• GPS/Map

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